Friday, May 12, 2006


My Favorite Movies

Once upon a time, I owned a string of video stores (before the Blockbusters and Hollywood Video chains were around). I have always been a big movie buff, and have a knack for picking good flicks (not the artsy type). Some are thought provoking, and all are enjoyable. Here is a list of my Top 25, in no specific order, other than how they popped into my head.

Little Big Man
In Harm's Way
When Trumpets Fade
The English Patient
Saving Private Ryan
The Sand Pebbles
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Four Seasons
The Duellist
Cider House Rules
Final Destination
House of Sand and Fog
Life of David Gale
Das Boot
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rear Window
Three Days of the Condor
Marathon Man
A River Runs Through It
Blackhawk Down

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